Urgent Dogs

PointerRescue.Org, Inc. (PRO) is a non-profit group of coordinators and volunteers across the United States dedicated to the rescue of purebred Pointers (sometimes called English or American Field Pointers).

This site is a place for the posting of information on Pointers in need of adoptive or foster homes, and a way for people who would like to adopt or foster a Pointer to find a suitable dog.

We need YOU!

Donations are our main source of income to do the work we do on behalf of rescuing Pointers in need. Donations are always welcomed — whether they be of time as in fostering, transporting dogs, phoning/e-mailing, or educational support; or financial support. We cover expenses such as spay/neuter, heartworm tests/treatment, vaccinations, worming, microchipping, health care, etc. for the dogs in our care, and we could not do this without donations, including those made through fundraising programs. PRO is an all volunteer organization and all donations go directly to helping PRO help Pointers in need!